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Opening Full-Time, Promotions, & More

Now that the Eriador Update (a.k.a. v3.1) is out, we're happy to remind you about our plans for the future update.

I would also like to congratulate _StarshipRanger_ and Redbommer on their promotions to Moderators!

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About - What is Empire War?

Join the forces of Mordor, Isengard, Haradrim, and more evil factions. Conquer Helm's Deep as an Uruk-Hai general, besiege Minas Tirith with hordes of trolls, or raid the fields of Edoras riding dreadful wargs!

Or choose to fight for the free peoples of Middle-Earth. Defend the ruins of Osgiliath, or protect the ancient Halls of Moria! Push back the assaults on Erebor or end the evil once and for all at the doorstep of Mordor at the Black Gate!

Play Empire War - Battle through Middle-Earth!

Battle of Helm's Deep

How to join:

Using the Java Edition of Minecraft, latest game version, you can join using the following IP address: